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Beginner-Friendly Guide on How to Make an Overwatch Bet

It’s not easy being new to Overwatch. You’re overwhelmed by the number of champions in the game, as well as the different aspects that make the gameplay what it is. Although the game is enjoyable, it can certainly be challenging at first, but the same can be said about any game. Aside from being faced with the number of new things you need to learn about regarding the actual game, you may want to pick up Overwatch betting too. In order to make an Overwatch bet, you need enough information about the betting world, or else you risk losing a lot of money.

Having said that, here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re at the start of the journey with Overwatch bets:

Learn the Maps before Your Overwatch Bet

In Overwatch, there are different types of maps, and if you want a successful betting strategy, you need to know enough about them. Otherwise, how can you expect to predict the next move of the teams or players?

Overwatch has four different types of maps, respectively assault, control, escort, and hybrid. Each one of them has different rules, so if you want to bet on Overwatch, make sure to analyze them before you throw money on bets.

Watch Pro Players

With streaming platforms such as Twitch thriving, you have a lot of opportunities when it comes to pro players. Many of them have their own channels, where they stream themselves playing Overwatch. All you have to do is find them and watch them regularly, as you’ll become able to know their usual strategies and skills and know what to expect from them in Overwatch tournaments.

Pay Attention to the Heroes

Heroes are one of the most important aspects of Overwatch. There are more than 30 heroes, so you need to know them all and at least some of their skills to be able to bet. This will help you possibly predict what moves the player is going to make. Not to mention, look at what heroes the players use on certain maps. This will allow you to figure out which heroes are the best to play within certain situations.

Choose the Right Type of Bet

Just like with sports betting or just any eSports betting, Overwatch has multiple types of bets. Therefore, there are opportunities to pick from, depending on what conclusion you came up with after your research. Some of the types you can choose for Overwatch betting are map winner, futures/outright tournament winner, map totals, and match winner.

Final Thoughts

Overwatch League betting could easily become your favorite new activity. However, that’s only possible if you learn how to make bets properly and avoid losing. Being new to wagering can be quite challenging, but with some guidance, you will be able to overcome any obstacle. Make sure to consider the tips above.